We are so thankful to everyone who has been ordering their weekly beer for home deliveries. It started off as a way to help the Windsor Castle community continue enjoying a few pints of their favourite Printworks beers whilst using up the stock in our cellars that would have other wise heart-breakingly been poured down the drain.

However, after a couple of weeks of this we realised we would be able to brew again and have continued to do so since! This makes us so very happy; to be able to continue with a little trade to support our family but also we really enjoy brewing and it keeps Gareth out from under my feet a few days a week 😉

So for as long as you keep drinking our beer we will continue to brew! Hurrah! Thank you and we can not wait to pull you a pint from the bar at The Windsor Castle, which we will do so as soon as possible!

If you’d like to try a beer delivery please get in touch by email or order online. We are out delivering every Thursday & Friday.

Stay safe, stay well & stay hydrated everyone!

Love Emily & Gareth


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