Dr Hardwicke’s Deluxe Prescription



Dr Hardwicke’s Deluxe Prescription ~ A luxurious selection of artisan food & beverages to enjpy.

If we haven’t made it ourselves all products are locally sourced from independent suppliers & producers.

Our premium pack Includes;

1 x 70cl Dr Hardwicke’s Small Batch Gin

1  x Printworks Brewery Mini Keg – Choose from Geneva, Helvetica, Lobster, Verdana

1 x 75cl Bottle of Champagne

1 x 70cl Bottle of Red Wine – Choose from Merlot, Rioja, Shiraz

1 x 70cl Bottle of White Wine – Choose from Pinot Grigio or Sauvignon Blanc Marlborough

1 x Fruit Chutney ~ Windsor Castle Kitchen

1 x Red Onion Marmelade ~ Windsor Castle Kitchen

1 x Andre’s HOT sauce ~ Windsor Castle Kitchen

1 x 150g Worcestershire Hop Cheese ~ Croome

1 x 150g Worcester Gold ~ Croome

1 x 200G Red Devil Cheddar ~ Ceci Hill

1 x 105g Crispbread ~ Peters yard

1 x 150g Chiili Bites


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